how to disable media:/ feature?

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Feb 2 15:23:13 GMT 2006

Claudia Ringwald wrote:

> Hi Derek,
> Am Montag, 30. Januar 2006 21:40 schrieb Derek Broughton:
>> Claudia Ringwald wrote:
>> > I have a floppy shown there - and clicking on it mounts the inserted
>> > floppy - but then the displayed folder (media:/fd0) shows nothing. The
>> > floppy ist mounted to /media/floppy0 - but this folder does not exist
>> > in media.
>> It's hard to say if it's correct without knowing what your floppy device
>> is like, but folders won't exist until the corresponding /dev node is
>> created - ie, if you don't have a permanently attached floppy drive you
>> won't always have a folder in /media.
> For your information: I have a permanently attached floppy in my toshiba
> laptop.
>> Do you have an entry for the floppy in /etc/fstab?  If so, I'd remove
>> it...
> Yes I have an entry pointing to /media/floppy0
> I followed your advice an deleted - no uncommented this line and then did

Yeah, I should have said "comment", though I really think it's a bad idea to
include automounted devices in fstab.

> a sudo mount - a

That shouldn't actually do anything for floppy.

> After this I did try out, what media:/ does now.
> Klicking on the floppy icon - then the laptop does mount "noise" - then
> the folder system:/media/fd0 is opened - and it is empty (as before).
> But now when I open the folder /media/fd0 the content of the floppy is
> there. When I click back to system:/media - the floppy is shown as
> unmounted though the floppy ist mounted to /media/fd0
> Another change: when I had the entry in my fstab, I was able to
> umount /media/floppy0 as normal user. Now (with no entry in the fstab) I
> need to do this as root.

You shouldn't _have_ a /media/floppy0.  That is probably just an artifact of
having originally mounted it when it was part of fstab.  The automounting
process is obviously using /media/fd0.  You should be able to mount &
unmount that as a user - though I expect you need to be in the "floppy"
> Did I miss something?

Yes, but I can't figure out what.  I have a spurious entry in media:/ called
"root" which points at a partition that's actually mounted in /etc/fstab,
and I get similar sorts of problems, but I can't figure out where this is
defined.  It claims to be unmounted, though the partition is mounted, and
right-clicking and selecting mount generates an error because it's already

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