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D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at rosegardenmusic.com
Sat Dec 30 05:27:53 UTC 2006

On Friday 29 December 2006 11:23 pm, Vayu wrote:

> With the beta of flash 9, I have no audio sync problems any more. Also
> with all the right codecs and mplayer, real player and java, it's rare
> that my Linux box can't display a web page that the windows box can. It
> took a while to get it all ironed out though.

Haven't tried the new beta flash, true enough.  Flash is a pain in the ass 
anyway, because it doesn't talk to JACK, and everything else I use does.  I 
can juggle it, but it's irritating.

As far as things on Windows only, one thing at the top of my list is the 
stupid online videos from the Survivor TV show.  One of my users was bitch 
bitch bitch bitch bitching about those @#!%@#@#@#% videos, and I spent maybe 
a hundred hours dicking around trying to get them to work.  No dice.  I can't 
begin to remember everything I tried, but it was a lot.  That *was* before 
the new Helix/Real Player came out.  That was going to be my hope of 
eventually solving the problem, actually, but the user got over it, and 
doesn't care anymore, so neither do I.

Many music-related searches lead to content that only works with special 
plugins that there is no hope of ever seeing on Linux.  Probably a Finale 
and/or a Sibelius plugin.  I never bothered trying to get some frigged up 
thing with WINE or whatever going.

There are some 3D plugin things, and Google Keyhole or something or other that 
don't work under Linux either.  I'd have to spend a lot of time reeling off a 
list, but there are a number of problems this user had that I never could 
solve with any amount of hackerly endeavor.

I finally got that irritating bitch to switch to Windows and leave me alone.  
Good riddance.

I'm basically looking at a lot of the same stuff with some amusement, after 
struggling so fruitlessly for so long to get that stupid froo froo to work on 
Linux.  Who needs it anyway.  The web is a place for 13 years olds these 
days.  Somebody talked me into getting a Myspace account, but after a month 
or so, I just couldn't see any point.

I guess I'm a geezer.

D. Michael McIntyre 

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