how to make a *.deb package from source

Tez binary_y2k2 at
Sun Dec 31 14:03:39 GMT 2006

> I downloaded the latest KMyMoney tar.bz2 from  I unarchived it to a 
> new directory on my Desktop, performed the ./configure, make, make install.  
> The program runs without errors.  I wish to turn it into a *.deb in order for 
> it to be installed, and tracked by a package manager.  Can someone list out  
> the command line steps for this?
> Thanx
> Larry Hartman

1st. please don't hijack a thread, it makes the subject more difficult to follow.

2nd. Install the package 'checkinstall' (in universe)
then in the source directory (where you ran make), just run "sudo checkinstall make install"
That will make a .deb and install it with dpkg

This isn't the only way to make a .deb of a package, just google for debian packaging guide
Some projects include the ability to make debs in the Makefile, so 'make deb' could work.


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