Kubuntu KFA

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at rosegardenmusic.com
Fri Dec 29 07:04:32 UTC 2006

On Friday 29 December 2006 1:20 am, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> If anyone caught my Windows/laptop thread, you noticed I had a certain
> reservation about Kubuntu on my shiny new super el-cheapass laptop.

Well here's a little bitch.  Playing with the installer, I managed to resize 
the Windows partition without committing anything.  I chose the manual 
option, piddled, and hit the back button, but the NTFS partition got resized 

Kind of lame.

But oh well.  It just kind of cemented my decision before I had well and truly 
made it.

D. Michael McIntyre 

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