Kontact questions

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Thu Dec 28 03:18:35 UTC 2006

Howard Coles Jr. wrote:

> On Wednesday 27 December 2006 3:42 pm, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Rashid ul Islam wrote:
>> > You can make Kontact run in the system tray. Right click on the K Menu
>> > icon and select menu editor. Find Kontact (its under Office) click on
>> > it and check the system tray box.
>> Doesn't do anything for me...
>> --
>> derek
> If you open Kontact, then click on "Settings" -> "Configure
> Kontact" -> "Mail" -> "Appearance" Then find the "System Tray" tab across
> the
> top.  In it you'll see the option for the system tray icon, and another
> section that tells Kontact to show the icon always, or just when you have
> new mail.

That's not at all the same thing as having kontact in the system tray -
that's having KMail in the tray.  That was my first question when this
thread started, because I routinely have KMail and Akregator in the tray.  
> If you have accounts set up in kontact (or kmail) 

You can't just say "kontact or kmail", they're different beasts.

I came across an interesting "feature" while playing with this today,
though.  If I run kontact, and switch to KMail, and then close the window
with the close button on the top right, kmail (and kontact) don't close -
kmail is simply iconized.  If, however, I switch first to News (KNode), and
close the window, kontact (and kmail) close...  I love consistency.

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