copy dos files from linux to floppy

Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at
Tue Dec 26 14:09:25 UTC 2006

> I seem to have tried and tried to copy a dos file from my linux to a 
> floppy and not working. I've read the man and I'm still having trouble.
> Could someone tell me what is the command to do this and do I need to be 
> in root when I do this.

Please install graphical frontend for mtools:

1) enable universe repository
If needed, see here:

2) sudo apt-get update

3) sudo apt-get install mtoolsfm

4) run it using command MToolsFM (it is case sensitive)

MS-DOS floppy does not need to be mounted - it can be used without 
mounting it. For that there is MToolsFM as graphical frontend and mtools 
as command line program.

Packages: - for Ubuntu 4.10 - for Ubuntu 5.04 - for Ubuntu 5.10 - for Ubuntu 6.06 - for Ubuntu 6.10 - for Ubuntu 7.04 
(will be released on April of 2007)

For more information: - main homepage

Best Regards,
Edmund Laugasson

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