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On 12/26/06, Behrang Saeedzadeh <behrangsa at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Derek,
> > I can't quite figure out what you mean, because you don't need to "hide"
> > kontact in the system tray, as it doesn't have a tray icon (kmail does &
> > the korganizer reminder daemon does).  otoh, if you mean you don't want
> it
> > on the "panel" but do want it in the system tray, I don't think you
> can...
> Yes, I don't want it to be on the panel and I want it to be in tray,
> like Kopete, and also I want it to be loaded on startup.

When you  launch Kontact, check your email and your RSS feeds then close the
window and both of those applications will have icons loaded in your system
tray. Kontact as itself will not exhibit this behavior as it is a shell
program which interconnects several kparts, ie Kmail, KAddressbook,
Korganizer, etc which can all run as freestanding applications.

As far as loading on boot/login, I selected under the Advanced Settings in
System Settings > Session Manager > Load Previous Session. Then whatever
applications I leave running when I shutdown, will restart the next time I

>  While they surely can't both be "default", you can have given two
> resources
> > the name "Default KOrganizer...".  So probably not.
> Actually I haven't created any resources myself. The first time I
> added a todo item, those two resources were just there :-? Maybe a
> Kubuntu-specific misconfig?

Nope, this is a KDE specific thing - when you start the application for the
first time it creates a file in your home directory:
~/.kde/share/apps/korganizer/std.ics is where your tasks and events get
saved. There are specific default resource locations for each part of
Kontact which means that the default resource is not duplicated.

> Well, it's ... a thing...  (I haven't quite worked that out either :-) )
> LOL! :))
> > Is korgac running?
> I am not sure but shouldn't it be running by default? Also did you see
> my previous email on the errors on the console? Maybe that could
> reveal what the problem is...

Your errors on the console have to do with built in support within Xorg for
people who use Wacom pads.

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