Dapper to Edgy problems

Daniel Axtell dan_axtell at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 26 04:02:49 UTC 2006

I've got a new machine that's fairly generic desktop (dual core, Nviidia card, no weird hardware) that was running Dapper quite well.  I thought I'd give Edgy a try before I started using the machine, so I followed the instructions for using apt-get to upgrade.  Big mistake -- I can't get the machine to boot now.
 I'm wondering if I do an Edgy install from scratch (because I want to try some of the newer version of KDE, etc.) is it likely to be a stable machine?  Or am I better off sticking with 6.06?  
 Is it possible to reinstall 6.06 without reformatting the disk?  I don't want to lose my home directory.
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