copy dos files from linux to floppy

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Tue Dec 26 00:35:07 UTC 2006

Harold Hartley <haroldh at> writes:

> I seem to have tried and tried to copy a dos file from my linux to a
> floppy and not working. I've read the man and I'm still having
> trouble.  Could someone tell me what is the command to do this and do
> I need to be in root when I do this.

I think you probably need to tell us a little more about what you mean.

When you say a "dos file" do you mean:

  * a file with DOS style line cr-lf endings?
  * a file you want to read with DOS?
  * something else?

Also, your floppy:

  * did you format it before trying to copy the file to it?
  * how did you try to copy the file?

Finally, a bit more about the "trouble:"

  * when you tried to copy the file what happened?
  * when you tried to access the file what happened?
  * what error messages were displayed?

The general process, by the way, is to click on the second icon from the
left on the task bar, select 'Storage Media', open the floppy, then copy
your data to it.

It shouldn't take /anything/ more than that.  You do /not/ need to be
root for this to work.

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