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Lucia Sanchez lu at
Tue Dec 26 21:00:20 GMT 2006

Art Alexion wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 December 2006 09:22, Juan Alexander Padron wrote:
>>Dear Pals:
>>I used send to print (when I was stuck with windows) over my local network
>>all my documents, using a Laserjet 4L connected to a windows computer. Can
>>I still do that in Kubuntu? How?
> Easy.  Share the printer on the computer it is connected to. (I assume this is 
> already the case as you have been sharing it among windows computers.)
> Install samba.  You may have done this already to share files.
> Install the shared printer as a samba printer.

No need to install samba.  Create a new "raw" printer (instead of the
one you've installed by saying which printer model it is, etc to print
from Linux).  Share that printer using the CUPS interface through the
KDE printer configuration; I don't think there are any other options,
but you want to share it as IPP.  Write down the  IP of the computer it
is connected to, and the name of the raw printer.

Then on your Windows machine you have to install the "Unix printing"
utilities -- they are somewhere on the installation disk, but I guess
you should also be able to download them from somewhere.  Then add a new
printer -- this printer will be a remote printer whose address is
ipp://X.X.X.X:631/printers/name_of_the_raw_printer, select the driver
which is approriate for your printer.

And that's it :)

 I will live forever or die trying.
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