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Michael Satterwhite michael at
Sun Dec 24 00:54:03 GMT 2006

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Saturday 23 December 2006 10:31, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
>> On Saturday 23 December 2006 8:53 am, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> Folks come in here and lambast gimp-print-plugin without ever giving
>>> it a chance & its getting a bit old...
>> Reading back over the thread, it is clear to me that all three of us who
>> responded *have*, in fact, given the thing a chance.  By "without ever
>> giving it a chance" I think you must mean "without ever getting it
>> working."
>> They're not the same thing.
>> I've read back over what I said, and I find that it was calm,
>> reasonable, and by no means a lambast.
>> Thank you for publishing a recipe that might achieve some good result
>> with that thing.
>> Unfortunately, I won't be making use of it, because I no longer own a
>> color printer.
>>> as the default, things will improve.  In the meantime, send them
>>> nastygrams asking when they'll switch.
>> Or better still, ask them politely, so your request is less likely to be
>> ignored.
> Chuckle, one must occasionally point out that gimp-print is now something 
> like 3 years old, and that gutenprint is still being actively developed 
> by the same very knowledgeable people from the same code base, only the 
> name has changed.
> Sugar coating may make it more palletable, but the facts ARE the facts.  
> But yes, some sugar is needed in many cases where the packagers aren't 
> particularly interested in quality hard copy.  Robert K. cannot demand 
> they switch, but if enough users ask, it will probably happen.


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