Setting "frequently used" on K menu

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Fri Dec 22 18:18:50 UTC 2006

Juan Carlos Torres said the following at 12/22/2006 10:53 AM :
> On Saturday 23 December 2006 00:44, D. R. Evans wrote:
>> Don't you just hate it when you know there's a configuration option
>> somewhere, but you can't find it?
> Right-click on the Panel, select Configure Panel. In the Menus options, go to 
> the QuickStart Menu items and select "Show the applications most frequently 
> used."
> Hope that helps.

Wonderful! Thank you.

Oh, and I see now why I was going crazy not being able to find it... I have
a dapper system running exactly the same version of KDE, and on that system
one can get to the panel configuration directly from the "System Settings"
K menu item, which must be how I configured it in the past. I have no idea
why the two systems are different, since it's the same version of KDE on
both. (In fact, there are loads more options under "System Settings" on the
dapper KDE 3.5.5 than on the edgy box running KDE 3.5.5. Very strange.)

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