VNC Question

Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at
Thu Dec 21 06:10:26 UTC 2006

> Sorry, but no.  Not one of those tells my why VNC was working just fine under 
> Dapper, but now under edgy I get crap.

I would like to say, that usually people would like to see the same 
desktop, which is logged in and they want not start new one. Therefore 
there was quite hard to find similar solution under Linux as in Windows 
it works.

> Why is vnc looking for "/etc/X11/xserver/SecurityPolicy" when the xserver 
> directory doesn't even exist?

Also I hoped, that if you change VNC server software, you probably will 
be free from those problems.

> Why can't vnc create the desktop on :1 like it used to?

Original Ubuntu, which is based on Gnome desktop, uses vino-server 
package for VNC connections and this is also showing the same desktop, 
who is currently logged in.

> I don't understand why we couldn't have kept vnc as easy to use in Edgy as it 
> was in Dapper.

It seems like there is more programs, which are broken in Edgy and was 
working in Dapper... Some programs are fixed and new ones are broken... 
And that makes me most of sad :(  But I hope, that in one beautiful day 
will come out the Ubuntu version, where old bugs are fixed and new bugs 
are not serious...

> IN Dapper all I had to do was:
> vncserver -geometry 1024x768 
> Then from another machine:
> vncviewer homepc:1
> enter the password, and viola I was in.
> Why can't that work now?

As you probably noticed, there are several different VNC software - 
perhaps you could try them. Try to search:

1) sudo apt-get update
2) sudo apt-cache search vnc

But at first try to enable also universe/multiverse repositories to get 
whole bunch of choices.

Unfortunately I am not programmer and could not understand deep hooks in 
source code. Therefore I only can suggest to try another VNC software.
FreeNX has been promoted as fast and reliable solution.

Best Regards,

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