output audio

nutchanat sattayakawee diiar at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 19 19:18:09 UTC 2006

I have a bit annoying that I don't understand the
settings of output audio device. When I open KMix, in
the tab output, I can see PCM, Front, PC Speaker and
so on. The problem is when I listen to the songs or
sth, I have to move PCM and Front to adjust the
volume. I don't understand why these two and not PC
Speaker. Moreover, I have a hotkey for adjusting the
volume (Fn + volume up) but it adjusts for PC Speaker.
Then there has no change with the sound volume because
PC Speaker isn't used, but PCM and Front instead.
Could anyone explain me this? Is it the same in your
Another problem is why I can't use 2 audio output
programs at the same time, for example, I can't use
Amarok when I'm talking in Skype and vice versa. It
just says problem with audio device, sth like that.
This could be done when I used Windows. Should I
configure something more?

Thank you in advance for your helps.

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