KDE shortcuts

Juan Carlos Torres carlosdgtorres at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 13:36:56 UTC 2006

On Monday 18 December 2006 21:02, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> For instance, CTRL-ב should be recognized as CTRL-C for "copy". I
> don't want to remap all the shortcuts in all the applications
> (including non-KDE apps such as Firefox). Is this maybe an X.org
> issue, and should I maybe ask there?

Some of the basic, common keyboard shortcuts, like Copy, Cut, Paste, etc., can 
be globally set in System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard 
Shortcuts -> Application Shortcuts tab. All KDE apps will follow those, 
unless you set something entirely different for the app.

Hope that helps.

Juan Carlos Torres

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