Install confusion

achimz achimz1 at
Sat Dec 16 17:57:58 UTC 2006


I love this software and for the first time have a real desire to get
educated in it. Kubuntu 6.10 amd 64 desktop just refuses to like my
machine. It's an abit kv8 pro, via chipset..amd 64 3400 on the 754
platform..empty harddrives..2 of them to chose from...I load the cd
Kubuntu 6.10 amd 64 bit version desk top ..and the following happens
every time. I can't see around this.

the screen is black with 10 lines of the following top to bottom and the
system moves no further.

"user not known to the underlying authentication module"

What could be the problem?

Help please

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