installing software to places like /usr/local

ac "aec$news" at
Fri Dec 15 21:50:17 UTC 2006

Simon Schuster wrote:
> I'm really new to all this, so I'm unclear of how even to check if
> it's possible, but for instance, I'm installing the java runtime
> environment from the self-extracting .bin ... and I'm realizing how
> much of this sort of thing will have to end up in my home directory,
> or does sudo also take care of the write permissions? not that this is
> a problem, it will just result in a really mucked up home directory
> and a distant, alien and unused /usr one. :)

I recently did  similar thing, but later discovered the java stuff is 
in the ubuntu repositories anyway. However iirc the bin worked ok, and 
I enquired of more experienced mortals where I should have installed 

Convention seems to suggest that I should have used something like
/opt/bin   which I told the java install bin to use. Not sure if I had 
to create the directory first though.

Use of sudo will be likely to arrange a system wide install for all 
allowed users since it is being installed by root user (sudo) privileges.

If you only install into your home area, then it is cluttered etc and 
if only with user privileges (?) then its actions are limited.

I am not any expert though, as those who are will be able to tell.  :-)

btw if you can use the ubuntu repos and not an independent binary, 
them (security) updates wlill be very much easier, if not automatic. 
Also a ubuntu repos will be likely safer in general. from malware, 
which can be in principle  be installed by unsuspecting users. Malware 
is relevant in linux - *if* you install it!


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