update available or not?

Hervé Fache Herve at lucidia.net
Fri Dec 15 10:36:48 UTC 2006

On 12/14/06, D. R. Evans <doc.evans at gmail.com> wrote:
> There is obviously sime fundamental difference that I don't understand
> between apt and RPM-based systems. I had kept my system scrupulously
> up to date by using synaptic to install every update as identified by
> adept-updater.
> I thought that that meant that my system was current and that "apt-get
> dist-upgrade" would be a no-op. But it certainly wasn't, and my music
> is now happily playing under amarok 1.4.4.

There is something weird here: my understanding is that adept_updater
uses dist-upgrade. But you also mention synaptic...

Do you not install the updates directly from adept_updater then?
Why use Synaptic in a Kubuntu system, where the default tool is adept_manager?


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