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Hervé Fache Herve at
Thu Dec 14 17:30:17 UTC 2006

Shame you snipped the second part of my reply, which justified
accepting these (hopefully temporary) error messages to allow people
with disabilities to use Kubuntu with tablets.

Ubuntu is 'for human beings', and that's what I meant by ''everybody'.
Not my cat or your dog, but my blind neighbour, your deaf parent and
that guy who lost his fingers in an accident. These people are human
beings, and if something can be done to give them access to computers,
it will be in Ubuntu.

And if that means two error messages when starting some apps from the
console in 6.10, then so be it. For your information, KDE always had a
tendency to spit loads of messages, and that was fixed in Edgy. So
yes, these guys do care and act upon these things, one at a time, with

I hope to have given an incentive to stay with Kubuntu, and if I can
be of help, please let me know.


On 12/14/06, Scott Mazur <kubuntulists at> wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Dec 2006 13:24:30 -0200, Hervé Fache wrote
> > Because we want Kubuntu to Just Work for everybody. These messages
> > are invisible for most users anyway.
> No just a darn minute there.  I'm not sure Kubuntu really know just who
> 'everybody' is.  Particulary the largest percentage of users who represent the
> 'silent majority'.  And the not as large percentage who try it, find out it
> doesn't 'Just Work' for them and move on to another distro without so much as
> a whisper.
> If everything 'Just Works' users wouldn't be looking for these messages in the
> first place.  Finding them just creates one more wild goose to go chasing
> after when something doesn't work.  There simply is NO JUSTIFICATION FOR ANY
> DISTRO TO KNOWINGLY ACCEPT ERROR MESSAGES.  That's a completely irresponsible
> approach to develpment and in no way benefits the community.
> If this is all Kubuntu has to offer, then I've already wasted too much time
> with it.
> Scott
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