FTP has stopped working?

Robert Tilley tilleyrw at cfl.rr.com
Tue Dec 12 21:02:55 UTC 2006

My Kubuntu Dapper Drake box is no longer a good web development platform.

For unknown reasons, FTP no longer works.  I can use Konqueror, open the 
storage space for my home page, and drag-n-drop files to my web space.  They 
start, and then the transfer speed drops by half until the connection stalls.
The same results occur with KBear, Kasablanca, etc.

It tells me that 100% of a file is transferred then stalls until another 
dialog appears with "Transfer failed" or words to that affect.

Only a few days ago, FTP worked perfectly and I was able to transfer an entire 
website of 20-30 files.  Would anything have changed in Dapper in the past 
week or two that might cause these problems?  Otherwise, I may have to invest 
in a new wireless router.

Thanks, Bob
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		-- Michael Jackson, Bad

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