KOffice and OpenOffice

Michael W. Holdeman lists at ptfd.org
Tue Dec 12 19:29:42 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 12 December 2006 10:06, Joan Tur wrote:
> Es Dimarts, 12 de Desembre de 2006 09:34, en Peter Boholdt va escriure:
> | Hi,
> |
> | I'm considering switching to Kubuntu from Windows XP.

Do this immediatly!!

> | I'm using OpenOffice on XP. How does OO's file formats interact with
> | KOffice?

I have and do use both. I like koffice because it is light, opens quick etc... 
Really since 1.6.1 it is a good suite. For me it is a little more difficult 
to understand, but if I took the time i'm sure it would be great.  I have one 
spreadsheet created in Office, that I use in OOo, it is for time cards works 
well, but for instance when I open and save it with Kspread it fills all 
blank cells woith zeros even though it is in ods format. Never figured it 

The most of my work is done in OOo, 2.0.4 and have and do play around with 2.1 
development sometimes. I have found no stability issues, infact it recovers 
documents better than Ms ever has for me.


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