KOffice and OpenOffice

Nathan Eckenrode Neckenrode at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 14:19:21 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 12 December 2006 03:57, Jordi Ferrando Fabra wrote:

> My experience is that koffice is still not
> ready for serious work with complex openoffice documents. Maybe 1 year
> more. You can still use openoffice on Kubuntu.
i have been using Koffice for my University papers, including Maths. I am able 
to insert formulas into the paper in order to complete some pretty complex 
homework problems, as well as inserting spreadsheets. I work with these 
directly in the paper I am writing. I do find that after I have constructed a 
paper that is nearly ten pages long with about thirty formula instances and 
several spreadsheet instances performance issues become prevalent. I save the 
file, quit Koffice and then open Koffice and the file again and I am able to 
work again in a reasonable matter. Finally, I print the result directly to 
PDF as my university only uses standards from proprietary commercial sources.

> The version of openoffice that comes with etch has serious problems
> with stability and font rendering. I have ended up uinstalling the
> packaged version, downloading openoffice 2.04 from www.openoffice.org 
> copying old  freetype libraries from dapper and starting openoffice 
> with: /usr/local/lib/libfreetype.so.6.3.8 openoffice.org-2.0-writer 
I don't use OpenOffice, takes too long to open, does not have a good formula 
editor, is difficult for me to insert images, spreadsheets, database records, 
etc. and is slow on my computer.
> Regards, Jordi.
> Peter Boholdt escribió:</font></small>
> <blockquote cite="midE1Gu35d-0002x0-H3 at garm.runbox.com" type="cite">
>   <pre wrap="">Hi,
> I'm considering switching to Kubuntu from Windows XP.
> I'm using OpenOffice on XP. How does OO's file formats interact with
> KOffice?
Koffice uses ODF as its default file, it was the first Office Suite to adopt 
this format as default, so there is little to no problem in this regard.
> Thanks.
> Peter

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