Umounting of USB devices

José Alexandre Nalon nalon at
Tue Dec 12 13:43:47 UTC 2006


I recently updated KDE to 3.5.5 using automatix2. I got the
USB mounting problem, but using the tips from another thread
earlier this month, I got it working again. But it's not
working as it used to. Actually, mounting the device (an iPod,
a pendrive or a camera, that's what I use) is no problem. I
get the dialog asking what to do, the device is mounted and I
can copy files to and from without any problems.

It won't umount, though. I click on the icon, select "Safely
Remove", and it just stays there. I can even continue to transfer
files. My pendrive is a Kingston DataTraveler -- it used to blink
a light when flushing the files. It is not happening anymore. The
icon on the desktop (and on the Panel) will only disappear if I
physically remove the device from the USB port.

Before the update, I had no problems. Any thoughts on what I can
do to get it working the same way it used to? Thanks in advance.

José Alexandre Nalon
nalon at

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