Firefox and Mplayer plugin on 6.10

Sam Przyswa samp at
Mon Dec 11 14:12:05 UTC 2006

Charles Weber a écrit :
> On Sunday 10 December 2006 10:08 pm, Brendan wrote:
>> On Sunday 10 December 2006 22:05, you wrote:
>>>>> I put the "deb edgy main" in my
>>>>> sources.list but in "apt-get update" I got a GPG error NO_PUBKEY
>>>>> 18B52FE3521A9C7C !?
>>>> Remember, before you hit send...see if you can check a FAQ or Google
>>>> for the answer. It's not rocket science, and you don't really want to
>>>> blow the signal to noise ratio, do you?
>>>> In Konqueror, that's: gg: GPG error NO_PUBKEY
>>>> And on that first search page, there is your EXACT answer...Hmmmm,
>>>> curious.
>>> Did you find an answer to my first question about mozilla-mplayer ?
>> With that search string? Nope.
>> I'm sure another search would yield something, but it is not up to me to
>> try. I don't have the issue. Give it a shot.
> Forget automatix, if you have to edit your sources.list, might as well enable 
> the extra repositories and use a package manager and also avoid having to do 
> the gpg thing altogether for most things
> Then you can get the packages you need for mozilla-mplayer
> for the codecs, etc you will need

Thanks a lot for these links, but it seems that mplayer and 
mozilla-mplayer are not supported yet on Firefox 2.0 in 6.10. It's 
strange because an upgrade to 6.10 on machine with mplayer and 
mozilla-mplayer installed is working !?

Can you explain that ?

Thanks again.


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