Movies and Sound freezes in Firefox

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Mon Dec 11 08:49:27 UTC 2006

Kaj Haulrich wrote:
> On Monday 11 December 2006 03:39, neil.linux wrote:
>> <snipped>
>> My problem is that embedded movies streamed over the Internet
>> freeze after the first 15 to 30 seconds when using Firefox 2.0
>> (Although the video still continues to download). I have no
>> problem streaming them through Kaffeine except I get intermittent
>> sound (ie sound for 15 seconds then nothing then maybe sound
>> again after about a minute) .
>> I had the same problem with Firefox 1.5.x under Dapper.
>> When playing from the hard drive they play all the way through
>> but with intermittent sound (see above).  This happens with both
>> mplayer and xine based plugins and players.
>> What steps could I be doing to troubleshoot this and does anyone
>> know of a workaround that might address this issue?
>> Many thanks in advance for any help people may be able to offer.
>> Neil Blenkiron
>> Melbourne, Australia
> Looks like a Flash problem.  Strangely enough Adobe seems to update 
> their Flash9 beta without giving notice.  I had the same problem, 
> but after re-installing flashplayer it disappeared.  You can 
> download the latest and greatest player here :
> then copy the *.so file into your various plugins directories.
> Kaj Haulrich.

Thanks for the advice Kaj.

I updated Flash as suggested but still have the movie freezing. I 
couldn't even play the advert before the short film at without 
the video freezing. I Notice that flash animations on adverts in the 
sidebar keep working.

Could the problem be in a config file for mplayer or a setting in 
Firefox itself?

Neil Blenkiron
Melbourne, Australia

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