Firefox Lockups

Steve gismo at
Sun Dec 10 13:10:35 UTC 2006

On Sun 10 December 2006 12:53, Alain Muls wrote:
> Hi,
> I have similar problems using either FF v. or FF v2.0.
> I removed all themes, all extensions and all plugins but the random
> locking up persisted. I posted 3 times for that problem on this
> list, but in vain. I now use konqueror for browsing and have since
> had no problems. It is a pitty since I really liked FF, but it was
> not usable anymore.
> Sorry that I cannot help
> --
> mvg/Alain

Yep I had the same problems I have gone back to as 2 just kept 
locking up all the time.

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