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D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Sat Dec 9 02:23:45 UTC 2006

On Friday 08 December 2006 7:25 pm, John L Fjellstad wrote:

> Possibly. I don't think I've installed a Debian system since Woody.
> Once installed, you usually upgrade a Debian system, so it's not like
> you meet the installer more than once :-)

True, but I install on lots of people's computers in my quest to get everyone 
in my corner of the world to stop asking me to fix Windows, so I've seen the 
Debian Installer evolving bit by bit over the years.

When Kubuntu rolled onto the scene, I started feeding that to people instead.  
Now I'm the last to switch, running it here at home myself.

I really like Kubuntu.

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