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Fri Dec 8 07:13:19 UTC 2006

Le Vendredi 8 Décembre 2006 01:31, Grumpy a écrit :
> On Thursday 07 December 2006 17:11, James Gray wrote:
> > Where sudo comes into its own is when you have a shared system with
> > multiple admins.  Not all admins were created equal (sadly) and you
> > probably don't want every admin having "full root" privileges.  By using
> > "sudo" the more senior/experienced admins can limit the scope of the
> > junior admins.  Like I said in the first paragraph, where there is only a
> > single admin, the use of sudo is more a religious argument than a
> > practical one.
> Which kind of misses the point as most of us are single
> users/administrators the power users are not using Kubuntu anyway

Do you have any sources to claim that?
I work as a Linux sysadmin and I a vast majority of the sysadmins in my 
service (that I would consider as power users) run Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu on 
their desktop machine.

As of the server machines, we mostly have Debian sarge machines currently, and 
are in the process of switching them to sudo rights management, to refine the 
rights we can give to sysadmins, developers, marketting teams, etc. 


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