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James Gray james at
Fri Dec 8 00:11:46 UTC 2006

On Thursday 07 December 2006 23:52, Henri Girard wrote:
> thanks too... because sudo is really crap :)
> Henri

sudo, like many other tools has its place.  However, on a single-user system 
where the only user is also the administrator, I agree - sudo is pretty 
pointless...but the same logic can be applied in that case for the existence 
of a real root account being pointless too ("su -" versus "sudo -H -s"...both 
of which can be aliased down to a single character if you want).

Where sudo comes into its own is when you have a shared system with multiple 
admins.  Not all admins were created equal (sadly) and you probably don't 
want every admin having "full root" privileges.  By using "sudo" the more 
senior/experienced admins can limit the scope of the junior admins.  Like I 
said in the first paragraph, where there is only a single admin, the use of 
sudo is more a religious argument than a practical one.


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