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Fri Dec 8 16:01:47 GMT 2006

On Friday 08 December 2006 10:40 am, Bry Melvin wrote:
> Just a thought here: That site is a US govt sponsored
> server witha a heavy load. Kubuntu puts even a heavier
> load. Watching my firewall one day I found that the
> KDE   cd ripper accessed it every time it was started.
> How many KDE apps have code in them to check for
> updates on their own?
> Is it feasible that KDE is helping cause the problem?
> does Argonne have a lmit to band with from different
> sections.  I found that Argonne was being accessed
> constantly by my computer for updates several times an
> hour and put blocks in place, changed to another repo
> for updates. It seems some KDE apps hit the servers on
> their own based on the language/locale settings.
> Developers: is that the case?
> Bryann
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The cd ripper isn't looking for updates, it is looking for cd track 
information via CDDB, and i think it checks for a connection when it starts 
up. This action can be turned off in its settings.
Clay Weber 

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