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Scott Mazur kubuntulists at
Thu Dec 7 16:47:43 UTC 2006

On Thu, 07 Dec 2006 08:27:47 -0800, Vayu wrote
> You can enable a root user, you can also use sudo as root, you can 
> usesudo as a user, where is the lack of choice?

Enabling the root user requires giving it a password.  Which immediately
breaks the user sudo.  Users continue to get popup password prompts, even
though their user password no longer works with sudo.  And even worse some
applications carry on as if the user really did have sudo privileges and
report the actions were completed, even though nothing is changed (I believe
Armarok tried to install a missing package, went through all the motions and
finished with 'successful', even though it didn't do a darn thing because the
user didn't have sudo privileges anymore).

You can't have it both ways without significant 're-organizing' of the system.

The users may not need to know or care, but administrators are going to be
spending a significant amount of time 'undoing' the Kubuntu sudo changes after
every install.  Seems that energy (from both sides) could be better spent
making the distro safer in other ways.


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