Kubuntu - some first thoughts

Renaud (Ron) Olgiati renaud at olgiati-in-paraguay.org
Thu Dec 7 13:56:18 GMT 2006

On Thursday 07 December 2006 10:10, my mailbox was graced by a missive
 from Neil Winchurst <neil at holsdevon.eclipse.co.uk> who wrote:

> Numlock
> On installation this defaults to Off. It was easy to alter, but I think
> the default is wrong.

How do you alter this ?

> Panel
> I like to have the panel out of the way when I am working - purely a
> personal thing. With all my previous distros (Suse, Mandrake/Mandriva) I
> have simply clicked on the panel hiding buttons to slide it out of the
> way. They were missing. It was easy to add them, but again I think the
> default is wrong.
> I have now changed the panel configuration to 'allow other windows to
> cover the panel' which I think is great. Now I don't have to bother with
> hiding/revealing the panel any more. I just ignore it and opening a
> window (eg browser, console, home folder) uses all of the screen right
> to the bottom. Great.

Configure panel to "auto-hide".

Comes up when you move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen, and it 
goes away automatically (after a cinfigurable time) when the pointer is no 
longer in the panel.
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