Kubuntu, first impressions.

Scott Mazur kubuntulists at littlefish.ca
Wed Dec 6 20:42:34 UTC 2006

On Wed, 6 Dec 2006 14:31:33 -0500 (EST), Jonathan Jesse wrote
> So should all Kubuntu docs on the wiki be under Kubuntu/ ?

I don't think it matters where they reside, as long as the user (me) knows
where it's at.

If I'm on the ubuntu wiki (as known from the URL and theme) looking for
kubuntu information, I know to keep my eyes open for information that may be
ubuntu specific and not relevant to my problem.

However when I'm on the kubuntu wiki (again as known from the URL and theme) I
expect all the information to be kubuntu specific and anything else is just
confusing chaff.

Being that the two wiki are the same (as I've now discovered) I really see no
point to a kubuntu theme and URL.  It's just plain confusing.

If we're serious about a kubuntu wiki (and I hope we are), then I think it
should be separate entity.  If the current ubuntu wiki can be physically split
then ideally all kubuntu information would be removed from ubuntu and all
ubunutu information would be left out of kubunutu.  We know kubuntu is a
derivative of ubunutu, so it's not a stretch to go back and search the ubuntu
wiki if kubuntu doesn't have the goods.  Just so long as we know where we are.

At the very least it would be nice if the links in the current wiki were
'cross-linked' in such a way that following a kubuntu item would switch you
over to the kubuntu URL/theme and following a ubuntu item would do the same. 
Nothing spells change of context like a page theme change from orange to blue. 

But I'm betting the existing wiki really wouldn't benefit from switching
relative links to hard links, if it's even technically possible.


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