Kubuntu, first impressions.

Renaud (Ron) Olgiati renaud at olgiati-in-paraguay.org
Tue Dec 5 20:28:14 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 05 December 2006 15:48, my mailbox was graced by a missive
 from Derek Broughton <news at pointerstop.ca> who wrote:

> > Just finished installing Kubuntu 6.06; first impressions:
> > Impression, Kubuntu has departed from Linux standards, for no visible
> > reason:

> Impression:  You've taken a look at Kubuntu, and decided that it's
> "departed from Linux standards" without any attempt to google and see why
> all this was done.


I Googled, found bugger all, and took my query to this (and some other) list 
in the hope some kind soul would give me an intelligent answer.

Dont put yourself out, others have already replied.
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