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Tue Dec 5 18:39:13 UTC 2006

--- Jeffrey Barish <jeff_barish at> wrote:

> After rebooting, all Konqueror windows that I open
> do not have a bookmark
> toolbar.  I look at
> ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/profiles/webbrowsing
> Under the line
> [Main Window Settings Toolbar bookmarkToolBar]
> I see
> Hidden=false
> This entry makes me expect to see a bookmark
> toolbar.  On one of the
> Konqueror windows that I opened (which does not have
> a bookmark toolbar), I
> go to Settings | Toolbars and select Bookmark
> Toolbar.  Now the bookmark
> toolbar appears on all subsequent Konqueror windows
> that I open.  If I
> change the setting in webbrowsing to Hidden=true, I
> still get a bookmark
> toolbar when I open a new Konqueror window. 
> Konqueror is not using the
> profile to decide whether to display the bookmark
> toolbar.
> The file ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc contains
> the entry
> [KonqMainWindow Toolbar bookmarkToolBar]
> with
> Hidden=false
> If I change this line to Hidden=true and open a new
> Konqueror window, the
> bookmark toolbar is not displayed.  If I restore it,
> the toolbar does
> appear.  So this is the file Konqueror reads, not
> the profile.  Apparently,
> this Hidden entry is changing at some time other
> than when I change it
> using Settings | Toolbars.  Sure enough, if I exit
> the session and log in
> again, the line Hidden=false is gone and the
> bookmark toolbar does not
> appear.  I guess that when KDE saves the session, it
> forgets to save the
> state of Hidden for the bookmarkToolBar.  Looks like
> a bug.
> I was still wondering what the Hidden entry in the
> profile is for.  Since
> the Konqueror windows that get restored when I log
> in all have the bookmark
> toolbar, I figured that Konqueror might be reading
> the profile during start
> up.  However, when I change Hidden to true and
> exit/log in, I still get the
> bookmark toolbars on the restored Konqueror windows.
>  I haven't found any
> situation in which Konqueror is reading the Hidden
> setting from the
> profile.  Weird.
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> Jeffrey Barish
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