Bookmark toolbar in Konqueror

Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at
Tue Dec 5 16:53:48 UTC 2006

After rebooting, all Konqueror windows that I open do not have a bookmark
toolbar.  I look at


Under the line

[Main Window Settings Toolbar bookmarkToolBar]

I see


This entry makes me expect to see a bookmark toolbar.  On one of the
Konqueror windows that I opened (which does not have a bookmark toolbar), I
go to Settings | Toolbars and select Bookmark Toolbar.  Now the bookmark
toolbar appears on all subsequent Konqueror windows that I open.  If I
change the setting in webbrowsing to Hidden=true, I still get a bookmark
toolbar when I open a new Konqueror window.  Konqueror is not using the
profile to decide whether to display the bookmark toolbar.

The file ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc contains the entry

[KonqMainWindow Toolbar bookmarkToolBar]



If I change this line to Hidden=true and open a new Konqueror window, the
bookmark toolbar is not displayed.  If I restore it, the toolbar does
appear.  So this is the file Konqueror reads, not the profile.  Apparently,
this Hidden entry is changing at some time other than when I change it
using Settings | Toolbars.  Sure enough, if I exit the session and log in
again, the line Hidden=false is gone and the bookmark toolbar does not
appear.  I guess that when KDE saves the session, it forgets to save the
state of Hidden for the bookmarkToolBar.  Looks like a bug.

I was still wondering what the Hidden entry in the profile is for.  Since
the Konqueror windows that get restored when I log in all have the bookmark
toolbar, I figured that Konqueror might be reading the profile during start
up.  However, when I change Hidden to true and exit/log in, I still get the
bookmark toolbars on the restored Konqueror windows.  I haven't found any
situation in which Konqueror is reading the Hidden setting from the
profile.  Weird.
Jeffrey Barish

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