Mounting of USB devices broken in Dapper? - SOLVED

Jose Gomez-Dans jgomezdans at
Tue Dec 5 07:53:36 UTC 2006


On 12/5/06, Vayu <vayu at> wrote:
> Is it the 18.2 versions that don't work? When looking in synaptic, it
> shows I have 18.2 installed, can I just install 18.1 over that? What
> about some of the other HAL libs that also show 18.2, do I have to track
> down everything 18.2 and replace with 18.1?

Well, I replaced the three packages from the KDE 3.5.5 hal directory
in the dapper repository, and things worked fine after that.
Hopefully, a newer version with this bug fixed will be available soon
through dist-upgrade :)


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