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Grumpy_Penguin grumpypenguin at
Mon Dec 4 19:57:53 GMT 2006

On Monday 04 December 2006 12:28, Thomas Sperre wrote:
> Måndag 04 desember 2006 01:46 skreiv Grumpy_Penguin:
> > Currently there is no significant advantage to using a 64 bit OS although
> > this will rapidly change
> This is just not true, it depends completely on what you are trying to do
> with the computer. If you want to run memory intensive calculations then
> yes a 64 bit OS is a significant advantage, in fact the only thing that
> makes it possible if meory requirement exceeds approx 2-3 Gb (depending on
> application memory management issues).
Give me a real world example.
I admit high end video processing will eat up a lot of RAM and processor 
time ...but my copy of mymia is still optimized for a 32 bit processor it 
runs somewhat faster on my 64 bit box [2.2 gig Athlon 64 X2 but not a lot

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