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Hi Anthony:

Does the user belong to the system groups that grant access to sound 
When I create new users I grant them access to the following groups:
audio*, cdrom, floppy, fuse, games, plugdev, saned, scanner, tty, users

anthony baldwin escribió:
> Hi,
> I´m completely confused.
> I set my daughter up as a user on my machine, and there is no sound when 
> she is logged in.
> I don´t understand.  All of the settings for the sound system are 
> exactly the same for her as for me.
> KMix doesn´t find a mixer, whatever that means, which makes no sense to 
> me, since KMix
> is fine when I am logged in.
> The truth is, I don´t run KMix and have no trouble with sound anyway, 
> when I am logged in.
> But under my daughter´s username, I get no sound, either with or without 
> KMix running.
> Furthermore, and likely this deserves separate thread, I must be 
> confused about how sudo works...
> When I logged in under my daughter´s username and tried to get into 
> terminal to poke around and
> see if I could determine or repair this issue, my password does not 
> allow me to sudo.
> But hers does...I don´t want her to have sudo access.  I though only I 
> had sudo access, and that only
> my password would open sudo, and that I could do so from terminal 
> regardless of what user is logged in.
> That makes sense to me, perhaps because I am accustomed to having su/root.
> But that is not what is happening here, and that scares me.
> Somehow, this little bit of news has completely befuddled my 
> understanding and confidence in this whole sudo bit.
> Perhaps someone could explain to me where I am wrong in thinking that it 
> appears as though any user has
> access to sudo, and the real administrator (me) can only sudo when I am 
> logged in under my username,
> as opposed to having root access regardless of who is logged in.
> tony


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