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Mon Dec 4 02:48:20 GMT 2006

Jeff Yowell wrote:
> Mplayer - FREE software - also platform independent - works on Mac
> hardware.  Also works under Windows and Linux. 
> Plays those codecs you spoke of and others. 
> Actually, the Mac itself (out of the box) uses Unix, which is where
> Linux was born.
> Hate to sound like a crusader, and I mean no disrespect whatsoever,
> but you and others like you 
> get your info from heresay instead of facts. 
> Please use the web to educate yourself, and save yourself some time
> and (ultimately) frustration.
> Peace.
> Jeff
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The web is exactly the the place where the hearsay comes from (and no
disrespect taken).
I just thought that because the w32codecs package contains dll's for the
PC/Intel architecture that it won't work on the Mac.
That opinion was also formed from the Ubuntu help page on Restricted
Formats [1]
I am also well aware that most of the packages on *ubuntu work as well
on the Mac as on a PC, I have just heard or some cases that people need
help installing Linux on a Mac.
Let me also make clear that I have never use a Mac, let alone installed
Linux on one, so what I'm saying is, exactly, hearsay.
And that I'm also being informed by the information you are giving to
me, and I thank you for that.


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