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Mplayer - FREE software - also platform independent - works on Mac  
hardware.  Also works under Windows and Linux.
Plays those codecs you spoke of and others.

Actually, the Mac itself (out of the box) uses Unix, which is where  
Linux was born.

Hate to sound like a crusader, and I mean no disrespect whatsoever,  
but you and others like you
get your info from heresay instead of facts.

Please use the web to educate yourself, and save yourself some time  
and (ultimately) frustration.



On Dec 3, 2006, at 7:38 PM, Tez wrote:

> Jeff Yowell wrote:
>> Somebody I want to be a "they" or one of the ones with the "general
>> feeling."  I think I'll be rich and powerful then.
>> I have Ubuntu running on a PowerBook G4 and everything works.
>> The whole idea behind Linux is that it is platform independent.
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>> *Jeff Yowell*
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>> jeff_yowell at <mailto:jeff_yowell at>
> Yes, Linux is platform independent, it'll run on pretty much  
> anything. I
> was just saying what I've heard and asking if it was true. I don't  
> have
> a Mac so I don't know.
> But it is true that packages like w32codecs (and maybe flash, I don't
> know) don't work on the Mac hardware, but, as I say, I don't have a  
> Mac,
> so I don't know.
> Tez
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