Mounting of USB devices broken in Dapper?

Jose Gomez-Dans jgomezdans at
Sat Dec 2 22:28:56 UTC 2006


On 12/2/06, Urtzi Jauregi <urtzi at> wrote:
>         Three cases in a row. Looks like it's time for a bug report. Has anyone
> reported this already?

It started earlier. See my previous posts about a week ago. I solved
the problem going back to the debs from Jonathan Riddell KDE 3.5.5
(they have a "1" in the end, rather than a "2"). All works fine now. I
suggest that maybe the upstream (Ubuntu official) debs didn't get the
changes Jonathan applied to these packages.

But definitely, the current version is busted :(
Here's a brief note that I found useful in the past. It appears that
HAL has been problematic for a while for us living on the KDE 3.5.5
world: <>

Go ahead and file a bug,

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