Firefox opens on half the screen

Ian Rose ian at
Sat Dec 2 15:52:26 UTC 2006

Kaj Haulrich wrote:
> On Saturday 02 December 2006 16:07, Steven Pasternak wrote:
>> Hi! On Kubuntu Edgy, since yesterday, I think, when I open
>> firefox, instead of going fullscreen, it only opens on the left
>> half of the screen and I have to maximize it every time. I know
>> this is low on the importance list, but it is starting to be a
>> pain in the butt and I have no idea why it is being this way.
>> Thanks!
> Maximaze it, right-click the top bar --> Advanced --> Special 
> application Settings .  Then choose 'remember' for position and 
> size.
> Kaj Haulrich.
That can result in all Firefox windows opening maximised - including the 
download manager and the save dialog. The way I discovered is to drag 
the Firefox window edges to the screen edges (maximising manually, NOT 
by using the maximise button) - the middle window control button will 
then change from "maximise" to the "restore" icon. Then close Firefox 
and next time you open it, it starts maximised.


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