kdm configuration problems on kubuntu.

Daryl Sayers daryl at ci.com.au
Wed Aug 30 03:49:10 BST 2006

I am running kubuntu 6.0.6-1 and am connecting a remote X-Terminal
via dhcp and kdm. I am trying to modify the look and feel of kdm to
display the host name in the kdm greeter.
When I log in and go to System Settings -> Login Manager (Administrator mode)
and look as the Greeting message I see it already says:
"Welcome to Kubintu at %n" defined so I would expect that I should be seeing
this on the kdm login screen. Problem is that I am not. It seems any options
I change in this config window does not affect the kdm behavior. Wait...
I changed the background option and when I log in now, as soon as the greeter
disappears I see my newly configured background. When I log out again the kdm
screen still shows the original blue background. I have also tried modifying
the /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc file directly but still no satifaction. The lack of
configuration changes occur both on a local kdm and the remotely serviced

So, my question is:
How do I show the host name of the machine servicing the kdm
(just like xdm used to do).

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