keyboard layout not working in kde

Marco marco.mandl at
Mon Aug 28 16:39:46 BST 2006


I am completely lost. I have a German keyboard and the Umlaut keys don't
work within KDE. y and z are working fine. So the settings are a least for
a QWERTZ keyboard.

The Umlaut keys work fine at the login screen and the work fine when I
switch to a console screen. The also work in Firefox or Evolution. But they
don't work in any KDE program like Konquerer, Knode, or whatever. Most
strange they behave in Konsole.

Maybe it has something to do with locale. Are there kde settings which
influence the way the characters are displayed? Where?

Following I type some Umlauts. I only see two boxes per character. Please
tell me what you see:


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