KDED Failure

Jim MacLeod j75trym at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Aug 26 22:01:00 BST 2006

Bill Hartwell wrote:


> On Saturday 26 August 2006 11:00, Rob Blomquist wrote:
>> Personally I am not much of a fan of Kontact, and prefer to run
>> without it, so all my apps run from the panel.
> I'm thinking about it. Just have to go in and make menu entries, since
> Kubuntu doesn't make the entries for the separate apps by default.

No need, just copy the relevant .desktop file(s)
from /usr/share/applications/kde to ~/.local/share/applications.
Then edit each and delete the line NoDisplay=true (or change it to
NoDisplay=false). I think this is better than messing about with


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