Screen blanks after 60 seconds

Anita Lewis ajlewis2 at
Sat Aug 26 17:09:08 BST 2006

> It's not a screen saver, it isn't set to start at all, and there is
> nothing in my xorg.conf file about BlankTime.
> But thanks for trying, I'm stuck on this one.
> Tez

maybe using xset to turn off blanking would work.  Something else is 
causing the problem, but this might stop it.  The above link goes into 
detail about using xset. I used to use it instead of a screensaver to 
blank the screen, but either setting it to not blank at all or perhaps 
turning off dpms will work.

Another idea might be to comment the line in xorg.conf for DPMS.

Just ideas I'd try if I had the problem, because I don't know much of 
what could cause it.


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