Running BOINC?

Eric B ebarsic at
Sat Aug 26 12:19:28 BST 2006

At 02:40 AM 26 08, 06, you wrote:
>I am trying to run my BOINC client stabily, like I used to with seti-at-home.
>I uploaded the Ubuntu version, and now I can't get the darn thing configured
>with the boinc_manager. I can only imagine that it runs as root, but I can't
>set up the manager that way.
>Any places I can get help getting setup with this client/manager?


Here are the lines that I have in my /etc/apt/sources.list  that 
point to the boinc software,  I used these lines and ran apt-get 
update, installed Boinc Manager <used Adept, because I wanted to 
browse and see what was available for Boinc>.  On the Desktop menu 
Boinc appears either under "Utilities" or "Science & Math"

Once installed, the first time I opened it, I was asked for the 
appropriate project information... and went on from there.

deb    breezy universe
deb-src breezy universe

Kubuntu is running on a P3-300MHz system here, so I'm not overloading 
Boinc.  I only assigned that machine to a single project.

Good luck,


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