Help! CUPS in Kubuntu is driving me crazy

Lars Bungum lars at
Thu Aug 24 11:58:35 BST 2006

Alastair Preston skrev:
> I'm running Kubuntu 6.0.6 (not and had no trouble configuring two 
> printers (Epson Stylus 860 and ALPS MD1000). Configuring a Canon iP4000 was 
> more problematic, but that was a drver issue (the Gutenprint driver doesn't 
> work right, and Canon's has very limited functionality). I did get the error 
> messages about insufficient permissions, but discovered the drivers were 
> installed anyway.

I think this permissions error is related to the foomatic issue 
described to me in an earlier post.  It seems like they've fixed it in 
foomatic, but this package isn't available for Dapper.  Who can I 
contact to ask if this'll be done?


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