Help! CUPS in Kubuntu is driving me crazy

Dana J. Laude kc9aae at
Thu Aug 24 04:21:05 BST 2006

On Wednesday 23 August 2006 19:54, D. R. Evans wrote:

> Is there any chance that CUPS is simply broken in 6.06.1?? It hardly
> seems likely, since surely others would be seeing the same problems.
> But I figured that I'd better ask.

CUPS or foomatic are definately foo bar.  I did a fresh install of 
Kubuntu 6.06 dapper and had problems selecting my printer, which is a 
standard HP LaserJet 6L. The "recommended" driver always worked for me 
before, but selecting it always gave a error about not having 
permission, (yes, I was root) or a PPD file error.  I had to select the  
HPLIP driver to get it working. You might want to use the following 
command to see if a similar driver would work with your printer.

"foomatic-datafile -A | grep brother" 

Also check for a possible solution.


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