Dynamic IP and DNS

eduard eduard.bonet at upf.edu
Wed Aug 23 23:45:24 BST 2006

System settings - Network Parameters (or something similar) - select the 
tab Network Interfaces and click on the button Configure Interface. 
There, under the title TCP/IP Address, you should select Automatic and Dhcp.

If this doesn't work, i would try installing dhcp3 server.

En/na Marcus ha escrit:
> I'm trying to help somebody else connect to the network at his office. 
> According to the administrator it uses dynamic IPs and DNS. How do they 
> set this up?
> I cannot actually check it out myself, just try to explain it to them in 
> simple terms. Basically, I guess they go into kcontrol and setup the 
> network card, but since there is no static IP or DNS, what do they enter?
> Thanks,
> Marcus

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