Spaces (and other characters) in filenames

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Wed Aug 23 17:27:21 BST 2006

On 23/08/06, Kelly L. Fulks <kfulks at> wrote:
> I was unaware that Linux hates the practice of using spaces in
> filenames.  I guess those directories and files laying around for the
> past 13  years on my various Linux systems with spaces in them aren't
> really there:-)  If you are attempting to access a file with spaces in
> its name from the command line, then there are special ways of doing so,
> but from Konqueror or most other GUI apps, it is not a problem at all
> from my experience.
> Also to the best of my knowledge, the filesystem itself doesn't have any
> major rules as to filenames except length.  You can use almost any
> character in a filename.  However, the same thing applies to accessing
> the files from the command line.  Certain characters are reserved by the
> Unix/Linux shells and to use these characters, you must escape them on
> the command line.  So if you want to use a filename of "a b", from the
> command line you would have to type "a\ b" to access it (or you can
> enclose it in quotes).  If you want to use a filename of "a>b", then
> from the command line you would have to type "a\>b" (or you can enclose
> it in quotes).
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Kelly, we also have lots of directories and filenames with spaces. I
was refering to the difficulties (at least at my level) of interacting
with those files on the command line.

Dotan Cohen

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